Unique lighting and event production



Luum Lighting Production is a company that provides unique lighting rentals and event production for any type of events adapted to the diverse needs of our client base. Enhance your event with crystal chandeliers, Uplights, Large LED candles, string lights and even more! 

Up lights

Luum lighting production offers rentals and set up of the most recent wireless Up lights and wash lights, with almost infinite colors available! Adding up lights will enhance your event and beautifully create an unique ambiance to transform for your venue space.

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Intelligent Lighting

Let’s make it WOW and use Intelligent lighting! Our LED moving heads create special effects that respond to your music, speeches, and hora loca or simply add some fun to turn your dancefloor into the most refined party.

Our equipment are from top leaders and providers
in the world to ensure the most precise technology
and ensure your event goes smooth and unforgettable!

Pin spot Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when working on your event and design production. Using pin spotting for your floral centerpieces or your Wedding cake will make a huge difference and will make them “pop” for you and your guests to enjoy their beauty even during times other lights are dimmed to create a romantic mood.


You’ll never go wrong with adding some crystal chandeliers to light up your event. Chandeliers goes with every style from Extravaganza, fairy tale to vintage, boho-chic and even tropical!

We can also provide circled greenery or flower arrangement to enhance our chandeliers and create a more elaborate style that will leave your guests speechless.
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LANTERNS & Pendant Lighting

At Luum lighting production we do offer a variety of pendant lights for any type of indoor and outdoor event, from boho lanterns to luxury fabric Chinese lampion and even modern geometric pendants, we have it all! Contact us to see what is available!


Rent our oversized Real Wax LED Candles! Ideal for any type of events from weddings to corporate and even galas or proms, they are a very unique way to enhance your party!

We also do offer real pillar candles to be placed on holders of your choice of clear cylinders of different sizes. Let’s book a décor consultation to discuss further!
wedding lighting rental
miami event production
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Unique Lighting

We also we offer very unique lighting to enhance your event and bring it to the next level! Every style can be perfectly executed. Neons lighting, LED glow sphere, Air star lights and many more!

cold sparklers

Looking for the WOW effect for your guests? Look no further than Cold Sparklers!

 Always a great idea for the Bride and Groom grand entrance, the first dance, the cake cutting or even for when the Hora Loca starts!

The Cold sparklers are used at portions to stimulate the sense of your guests and take your big day to the TOP level! Book them now!

fog machine & CO2 Guns

Ideal for dancing on the cloud to create a romantic atmosphere and feel on Cloud 9! We can also use the Fog for a night club ambiance or for a spooky effect for your Halloween party! Our fog machines and CO2 Guns are waiting to be a part of your special day!